The Ragati Conservancy has been formed in liaison with the Kenya Forest Service and covers an area of some 5,000 hectares on the Southern slopes of Mt. Kenya.

Unique in Kenya, the Conservancy consists entirely of primary Afro-Montane Forest and Afro-alpine heath, includes the Ragati river and its tributaries and is home to an abundance of wildlife; elephant, buffalo, leopard as well as the rare mountain bongo, crowned eagle and African clawless otter.

The Conservancy lies between 2,200m and 3,000m and joins onto the Mt Kenya National Park, the second highest peak in Africa at 5,199m; a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A large part of the Ragati lies within this heritage site.

Our principle goal is conservation; Preservation of habitat and the many species that inhabit the forest and to support important environmental and zoological research. We will introduce more people to this unique habitat through activities including trout fishing, foot safari’s and mountain climbing and to provide support and employment opportunities for the local community.


Brendan Hill

Brendan Hill


Born in Kenya, Brendan has spent much of his time exploring the outdoors where fishing and wildlife have been a deep-rooted passion. Brendan is a Brunel University graduate, qualified and experienced in Industrial Design and Engineering. He spent four years working on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia developing his knowledge and understanding of wildlife conservation.

He currently owns and runs a successful construction company in Laikipia.


Malte Sommerlatte

Malte Sommerlatte

Head of Conservation

Malte is in charge of forest and wildlife conservation and management. This will include funding proposals for conservation and community projects and the development of research.

Born in Luxemburg, Malte went to school at Michaelhouse, Natal and studied forestry and wildlife management in Germany and South Africa. He has worked some 45 years as a forester and wildlife manager in Southern and Eastern Africa often in remote National Parks, Forest Reserves and Community Conservancies. He was Associate Professor of Wildlife and Forestry for 8 years at various East African Universities and pioneered a course in community conservation at Mweka, a College for Wildlife Wardens in Tanzania in 1988. Malte has had the privilege of living and working in some of the greatest wildlife areas in Africa such as the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, Chobe National Park in Botswana, Korup National Park in Cameroon, Meru National Park in Kenya  and the Imatong Mountains in the South Sudan.

Nick Rowe

Nick Rowe

Director of Marketing and Finance

Nick was born in Kenya and spent several years as an officer in 6th Gurkha Rifles; in Hong Kong, Borneo and Nepal. His love of adventure has seen him exploring northern Pakistan, the Indian and Nepal Himalaya, canyoning in Oman, canoeing through British Colombia and climbing in Iceland and Africa. Nick has also run and mountain biked across the Sahara and on the North Pole and rowed across the Atlantic.

In the Ragati on Mt. Kenya Nick is able to combine his passion for adventure with conservation, in a place that is truly wild.

Jimmy Muriuki

Jimmy Muriuki


Jimmy is the supervisor whose grandfather was an accomplished hunting guide in the 50’s and 60’s and he knows the Ragati like the back of his hand. He is supported by 5 Fishing gillies who are Patrick, David, Michael, Jack and Joseph who know the best fishing spots and can lead amazing forest walks and safari’s.



African Ascents are a Nanyuki based climbing and adventure outfit run by Julian Wright and Tom Gregory. Julian has a wealth of experience on the mountain having first summited Batian at the age of 17. He is probably the most qualified and experienced mountain guide in Kenya and is also an honorary Kenya Wildlife Service Warden. African Ascents have exclusive access to the Ragati for climbing trips.


Sven, Damian and Jamie are all East African Fishing Guides who provide unique fishing adventures and safari’s throughout East Africa – a first. They have hand picked great fishing destinations from first hand experience and they can take you from the coast and deep sea fishing to Turkana, in Northern Kenya and even to the Bale mountains of Ethiopia. Ragati is one of their favourite destinations.


Founded nearly 20 years ago by Jamie Roberts, they are based just south of Nanyuki with their own runway and modern fleet of small aircraft and helicopters. We have partnered with them to offer amazing bespoke helicopter fishing safari’s on the mountain and further afield. If pushed for time a safari by helicopter is the best way to see this incredible country.


Mikes Camp Kiwayu, is situated on Kiwayu Island 40 miles north of the historical town of Lamu. It is a beautiful island 12 kilometers long and 3/4 of a kilometer wide at the widest, with high sand dunes, acacia and doum palm thickets. The camp has 8 bandas plus a new self catering cottage called Sankuri House for those who want to be more independent & do their own thing.