This section has been compiled through feedback from visitors that we hope will answer your questions. If not please get in touch via our contact form below or give us a ring and we will do our best to help you.

Can I take my dog?
National Forest Reserve rules state that dogs are not allowed. It is better you leave your dog at home as they could attract unwanted attention from the larger animals in the Conservancy!
Should we bring water?
The Ragati River is exceptionally clean and only gains a slight tea colouring during heavy rains. We drink straight from the river or boil it.
Is it cold?
We are lucky in that the forest has its own micro-climate and the temperature never varies too much. There are seasonal changes and it is coldest during the rains but not as cold as up in the moorlands over 3,000m. A fleece or jacket in the evenings and perhaps an extra blanket or two in the sky tents. A medium sleeping bag is fine for both camps.
What clothing should I bring?
Long sleeved shirts and trousers are suggested rather than shorts as the nettles along the riverbank are fearsome! A fleece, waterproof jacket and a hat. Proper walking shoes or wellington boots. Some bring waders and although these are not really required along most of the river they are useful for getting into the larger pools and the dam.
Can I bring my boat to fish the dam?
You are welcome to bring a boat – suggest small aluminium flat bottom or inflatable – or an inflatable kicker. Please do not bring a petrol engine – only oars or an electric motor.
What sort of fishing gear should I bring?
For the dam a 4/5 weight 9ft rod and for the river a 3/4 weight 7ft rod. Floating line in the river and sinking or semi-sinking for the dam. Fly fishing only. We have developed our own sets of flies and are constantly working to improve them. You can pick a set up for 2,250/- on site or order from this web site. Current favourites are; Colonel’s Creeper, Kenya Bug, Cochy Bondhu, Red Montana and Prince’s Nymph. We also have rods for hire – just enquire and we will make sure they are ready for you on arrival. We operate on a ‘break it – buy it!’ basis.
For those who do not want to fish, what other activities are there?
There are amazing walks through the forest to beautiful open vlei’s where you might spot buffalo and other game. There are also some spectacular waterfalls to visit – perhaps for a picnic. Talk to one of the team and tell them how long you would like to be out and they will guide you. There is also lots of bird life to view on the way. Click here to view all the activities we offer.
What can I expect of the team at Ragati?
The team are on hand principally as guides – for fishing and walks. They know the place very well and all the best fishing spots. They will be happy to assist in selecting and tying your flies as well as retrieving them when they get stuck in the trees or underwater obstacles! Expect them to set a fire for cooking whenever you require, to provide hot water for showers on demand and to do all the washing up. You should wake up each morning to a jug of hot water and a bowl to wash in. In the evening they will light the tilly lamps. They will not cook for you.
What equipment is available in the camps?
Kichachu – enough crockery and cutlery for up to 8 people. 2 x Poike Pots (dutch ovens) and plenty of other large pans. A frying pan and all the utensils you would need. There are trivets for cooking over the fire and a grill in case you want to barbeque. 4 tents, each with two cots and mattresses and a mess tent with tables benches and camp chairs. Two showers and two long drop loo’s. Please take your own loo paper, towels and sleeping bags.
Can I bring my own tents?
For a larger party you are welcome to bring your own tents to add capacity to Kichachu Camp. As you will be using all the facilites and staff provided we still charge the fees as normal. Tents cannot be taken to the Log Cabin.
Is Ragati child friendly?
Families love Ragati and Kichachu camp is particularly popular with small ones. An activity that is ever poplar with younger children is crab fishing in the river – use a piece of bacon on a string and stick – you will be surprised by how many they can catch in a small area! Children must always be supervised and should not wander far from the camp. If you wish to go on excursions and walks anywhere please make sure your party is at all times accompanied by one of our guides.
Is Ragati dangerous?
Ragati is a virtually untouched wilderness. At certain times of year there are large herds of elephant and buffalo and they do come close to or through the camp. As with all wildlife, if they know where the humans are and do not feel threatened there will be little chance of a problem. If they are surprised in any way they might naturally react aggressively. It is therefore of utmost importance that any walks or fishing trips are accompanied by one or more of the guides who are very well experienced in dealing with the wildlife. All who visit must sign a legal disclaimer form.
Are bedding/towels provided?
In the log cabin all bedding and towels etc are provided.

In Kichachu please bring sleeping bags, towels and loo paper as bedding is not provided.

What equipment is supplied in the kitchen?
In the log cabin there is a gas stove and oven and all the pots and pans and other equipment that you would need for a party of 10. At present there is no fridge so bring cool boxes to store perishables. There is also a jiko grill for BBQ’s.

In Kichachu camp there is a proper mess and again all equipment that you would need to cook and cater for 8. The team will start a fire for you to cook over.

Do we need to bring our own firewood?
All firewood is provided as part of the cost at the Log Cabin and Kichachu camp.
What are the sleeping arrangements in the tented camp??

Kichachu camp has 4 tents each sleeping two in military style cot beds. They have comfortable matresses, so please bring pillows and sleeping bags. If you have small children and wish to keep them with you then please bring an extra mattress which will just fit between the two cots.